Anaheeta Goenka

Chief Operating Officer (Unilever, South Asia) and Chief Growth Officer

Anaheeta Goenka

Anaheeta is a passionate believer in the power of communication and its ability to change behaviour for brands and for the good of humanity.

She has worked across categories including from Food to Finance, from Personal care to Babycare, and for large conglomerates including established giants like Unilever to the many new agile challengers omnipresent today.

She is the brains behind some iconic work from the agency including Kan Khajura Tesan – bringing Bihar out of darkness to connectivity; Kissanpur, and Haath Munh Bum – a Swachh Aaadat, Swachh Bharat initiative. These have brought her laurels across international award platforms including Cannes, WARC 100, Jay Chiat, Effies, among others.

Her mantra in life is to passionately work on anything which will help better the present and future of all Indians.

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