In its true and inimitable style, Tanishq has launched its latest film in time for the auspicious festival, capturing the celebratory spirit surrounding one of the most anticipated festivals in India. The film by Lowe Lintas Bangalore brings to life the joy of Diwali when people go all out to express their love to their family and friends.

The film revolves around different moments of Diwali celebrations across India. Diverse families and friends go all out to express their love for each other. Various instances of how a single piece of jewellery can light up a loved one’s face has been captured beautifully through this film. A foot tapping song accompanies the film which talks about the joy of gifting during Diwali. The film then ends with the line “Aao manaye Tanishqwali Diwali’. Watching this film truly engulfs the viewer with the spirit of the festival.