Tanishq Zyra

The film shows a young couple at a Tanishq store, with the lady finding it difficult to choose from two sets of earrings. Her husband, seeming restless, looks towards her and picks his favourite among the two to help hasten the decision. He asks ‘Ho gaya na?’ and gets up to leave. The lady responds by asking him if he remembers Sid. The husband recalls that it was the same ‘duffer’ who had proposed to her during the third year of college. She retorts that it was very difficult for her to pick between him (her husband) and Sid back then, and that she doesn’t want to make the wrong decision now. The stunned husband asks the man at the counter to pack both in an effort at damage control. The film ends with him saying, ‘Tumhe toh heere ki parakh hi nahi hai’ (You don’t realise the value of a diamond), referring to himself.”