Sunheri Diwali

“Sunehri Diwali”

The new campaign is set in a typical Indian household on Diwali day. A 25-year-old boy walks up to his mother’s room with a tiny golden pendant that he has purchased. He has bought it for his mother with his first Diwali bonus. But as soon as he steps in, he sees that his father has just gifted her a large, beautiful necklace. Seeing the excitement on her face, the boy begins to have second thoughts about his own gift. For a moment, he doubts whether his mother will even like the tiny pendant he has bought, sensing how happy she is on receiving a large ornamental piece. He somehow musters up the courage and presents the gift to his mother that has been bought with his Diwali bonus. Taken aback, she walks up to him slowly and looks closely at the pendant. Without holding back her emotions, she wishes her son a ‘Happy Diwali.’ He too rejoices with the feedback, and realizes that his doubt about his gift was unfounded. For his mother, the little pendant was the biggest and most precious gift that she could receive – a fact that is evident on her face when she tries it on.