Tanishq Divyam

Tanishq, a brand which is known for its impeccable superiority, design intricacy and guaranteed product quality, has always celebrated memorable occasions and precious relationships while offering unmatchable products. In its latest television commercial featuring Deepika Padukone, the brand tells a prevailing story, where for the first time, the actress is seen sharing screen space with her mother and father. Narrating the Diwali traditions of the Padukone family, Tanishq cherishes the beauty of celebrating Diwali the right way. For when you revisit those precious traditions year after year, you are guaranteed a good beginning.

The TVC begins with Deepika Padukone waking up on a Diwali morning and taking in all the excitement that the day is about to bring. As she walks around the house looking at the preparations, she remembers the tradition her family has always cherished over the years. The fragrance of the laddoos fills the air and she admires the intricate rangoli patterns her father has made on the floor. The diyas light up the house and Deepika anticipates what is coming next – the gold jewellery her father gifts to the ladies of the family. Tugging at the audience’s emotions, she reflects “If Diwali’s are as beautiful as this, why would anyone change a single thing?”