Brother & Sister

The film revolves around a conversation between a girl who is about to get married and her younger brother. The brother comes into her room and hands her a small box – his gift for her wedding. Taken aback, she comments that he has become emotional before her wedding. Instead of admitting to the same, he appears nonchalant and says that he is happy as he will now get to occupy her room – and hence the gift, he reasons. She is surprised to see beautiful earrings in the box. She expresses concern that he has spent his entire salary on the gift. The brother gets emotional as she prods him more. He finally lets his guard down and is speechless. Realising the fact that her brother has begun to miss her, she goes on to tease him. The voice over explains, “Kabhi kabhi pyaar dikhane ke liya jyaada kuch nahi lagta. Tanishq ab sirf paanch hazaar se shuru.