Insurance website PolicyBazaar.com has rolled out an ad film for its new brand campaign. The campaign features recently announced brand ambassador and comedian Kapil Sharma. The film has been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Delhi.

The film beings with Bhondulal-ji renewing his car insurance. Kapil Sharma comes up from behind and questions him if the transaction was actually complete. Kapil Sharma asks him if he compared prices, looked at the extent of his coverage and looked to see if he actually saved something. To each of the questions, Bhodulal replies in the negative and each time Sharma shows him his trademark ‘Baba ji ka thullu’ (a slang and mannerism made popular by the comedian on the lines of ‘left twiddling one’s thumb’).

When Bhondulal asks Kapil Sharma the meaning of ‘thullu’, Sharma says that if he doesn’t compare, he’ll become an ‘ullu’ (fool) and thereby get a ‘Baba ji ka thullu’. The film ends with Kapil Sharma urging the audience to go onto PolicyBazaar’s website to compare policies and get the best prices and savings.