Paper Boat Anar – ‘Waiting for Ma’

Paper Boat has unveiled a new campaign to promote its new offering Paper Boat Anar. Conceptualized and written by Lowe Lintas, three short stories (two Anar and one Aamras) explore reminiscence – memories triggered by the products themselves, a core insight that the brand has built its entire portfolio on. The introductory films of Anar showcase a beautiful flashback narrative of a young woman and a man where they revisit their pasts through the drink. The third film re-creates the magic of Aamras, which is also a favorite by volume.

If the first campaign had the signature penmanship of Gulzar, the new campaign matches strides, with lyrics penned by the multi-faceted Swanand Kirkire. Rounding it off is an adaptation of Malgudi Days soundtrack along with the voice of effervescent Usha Uthup who signs off with the brand message.