Niloufer Collection

In its latest campaign for the launch of the exquisite Niloufer collection, Tanishq celebrates the woman of today, adorning her with jewellery before her special moment of glory. It breaks out of the clutter of jewellery advertisements that focus on weddings or special moments in a coy woman’s life, when she decides to adorn herself with ornaments.

Tanishq has always been disruptive in its storytelling. All its previous campaigns have focused on the modern woman. Another thing that is common in all of them is that the product is the least visible or spoken about eve as the story line effectively and subtly positions the brand. Be it the brand’s ‘Being ready for all weddings’ campaign or the one for the Zuhur collection that dwelt on the subtle nuances of friendship, Tanishq has always spoken with action rather than words.

The digital film opens with a woman opening an invitation for her first young entrepreneur award. The film narrates her story of struggle to reach the height she now finds herself in and how often during that journey she had to say the word ‘Sorry’. The young lady entrepreneur thinks aloud about the present moment, when she would have to say ‘Thank you’ instead.