‘Never Have I Ever Supported A Cause’

Popular youth accessories brand, Fastrack, has unveiled its latest campaign that dares the youth to “Never Have A Never Have I Ever” moment. The three films have been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore.

Fastrack’s advertising campaign strives to reflect the way the youth prefer to lead their lives and that eternal peer pressure on the young to do “something worthwhile” and “something different”. The quirky commercials depict young people, who are living up to these expectations in their own special way.

The zesty youths depicted in the commercials do not take either setbacks or themselves too seriously and so, easily choose the untrodden path in dealing with tasks life fling their way. Be the issue recycling, upholding the law or saving water, Fastrack advises the target audience of the brand to ‘Never Have A Never Have I Ever’ moment.