Surf Excel has launched its new campaign, which has been brought into effect in the month of Ramadan. Conceptualised and executed by Lowe Lintas Mumbai, the whole set up is shown like a Ramadan charged atmosphere with people roaming around in a market, shopping and eating after the evening call of prayer (Maghrib) when this small child who just caught up with his friends, spots an old samosa and jalebi vendor whose vending cart has broken down. This boy along with his friends then marches towards the cart and starts picking up and placing the samosas in the fold of his kameez and marches outside in the sight of the main crowd and starts selling them.

His friends accompany him and in no time they save the old man from the problems of the breakdown of the cart at such an important time of business.

In the process the boy spoils his clothes with stains of oil and chutney and on being spotted by his mother, receives a smile because of the noble act of helping which he selflessly did which also sums up the definition of Ramadan.