Lightweights Collection

In a world driven by self-expression, the youth of today look for ways to showcase their lifestyle, and watches have become a statement of their personality. They’re also a generation that knows how to take anything, and we do mean most things, in their stride. To strike a chord with this unflappable audience, Fastrack announces the launch of its new ‘Lightweights’ collection.

Staying away from unnecessary over-thinking, this generation doesn’t believe in dwelling on the ups and downs they face in their everyday lives. They recognize the lightness in every situation, no matter how the rest of the world sees it. They successfully practice ‘living in the moment’, with a confident attitude that’s all their own; The Lightweights collection by Fastrack aims to cater to these young men and women who wear their carefree attitudes on their wrists.

‘Lightweights’, a stylish new collection of lightweight watches from Fastrack, fits in seamlessly with this unflappable attitude of the youth and caters to their desire to wear their carefree attitudes on their wrists. The new campaign has been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore.