Lifebuoy – Future Child

After Gondappa and Tree of Life ads from Lifebuoy’s much talked about ‘Help a child reach 5’ campaign, the brand has come up with a third addition to the series, called ‘Chamki’ that talks about neonatal care. The ad has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas.

The ad revolves around the fact that of the children who die before the age of five, 44 per cent do not live past 28 days post birth. Chamki is the story of an expectant mother called Sangrahi, who discusses her hopes and dreams for the yet unborn child. To help her understand the importance of clean hands, she is shown a message from her daughter (from the future), who is now seven, thanking her for all the things her mother did, most importantly, washing her hands and helping the child live past 28 days. The ad has been shot by filmmaker Anand Gandhi.