Olx has unveiled its new campaign, featuring two films, which highlight the ‘real value’ of using the online classifieds platform. Moving on from the ‘Bech De’ positioning, where the focus was on building consumer-to-consumer classifieds space in India, the new campaign with the tagline ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuchh Keemti Bhi’ drives home the experiences of consumers beyond the monetary value.
Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the campaign features a short film on cricket. The TVC tells the story of a cricket player who is unable to pursue his dream of playing cricket because of circumstances that lead him to join the family business. Trapped in a job at a marble factory that he doesn’t like, he often looks at his cricket bat with a sense of despondence. Frustrated and hopeless, one day the protagonist takes his bat to a marble-slicing machine with the intention of pulverising it. The film then moves on to a cricket stadium where a local game is being played. The batsman at the crease is in full-form hitting boundaries one after another. The protagonist watches in anticipation, clapping for the batsman after every shot. At the end of the game, the batsman looks at the protagonist and starts walking towards him. The film moves to a flashback and shows that the protagonist never put his bat in the machine. He decided to sell the bat on Olx, and the buyer was the young batsman. Coming out of flashback, the young batsman is seen thanking the protagonist. The film ends with the ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuchh Keemti Bhi’ tagline.