‘Keemat bhi, kuch keemti bhi’

Olx has released a second campaign on its ‘Keemat bhi, kuch keemti bhi’ platform. Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Delhi, the film is set in Kashmir and features an army man Rajesh and his shopkeeper friend Bashir. It opens with Rajesh waiting anxiously at Bashir’s shop. Someone calls on Bashir’s mobile from Rajesh’s home to deliver the good news that he has had a daughter. A delighted Rajesh tells the caller that he can’t wait to see his daughter. He hangs up and tells Bashir he doesn’t know when he’d be able to.
The shopkeeper lists his old phone on Olx, using another young man’s phone with a camera to do so. He sells the phone, and is soon seen using a new one to call Rajesh’s family. The next scene features Bashir running to the camp, crossing the terrain and a wooden bridge across a river to reach Rajesh. He hands a grateful Rajesh the phone with his daughter’s picture on it. The film ends with the two hugging and a voice over saying, ‘Keemat bhi, kuch keemti bhi’.