Idea Internet Network

After de-mystifying data services for the larger Indian population through its successful “No Ullu Banaoing” campaign for its cellular client IDEA, Lowe Lintas takes the data services game to the next level by “democratizing learning” through a unique concept called “IIN” – IDEA Internet Network.

The new campaign captures the sentiments prevailing among the youth of today. The insight stems from the fact that India today is replete with stories of successful young people. And most of these success stories are coming against all odds. Limitations like lack of funds, time or even education isn’t dampening the spirits of these successful individuals. They always find out a way to navigate around their problems and reach their destination.

The new campaign brings forth such stories of achievement that have been made possible through IIN. At IIN, anyone can learn anything and being educated is not necessarily a pre-requisite for it. Moreover, for a nation that is obsessed with “education” and “degrees” it takes the need away from them and instead focuses on “learning” and not just studying.