An average 35 year-old Indian perceives retirement as a ‘dull duty’ and thus gets ignored. It is considered a taboo which brings along all the negatives associated with old age – loss of independence (social, financial and physical). These perceptions have caused ‘avoidance’ or ‘deferment’ of any decision relating to planning for retirement.
A study conducted by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance suggests that 96% of India’s working population has no formal provision for retirement. And to make ‘Retirement’ a desirable thought we had to connect it with something from our TGs life whom were speaking to.
This person desires to have a job that he would love to do and get paid for it. However his current job is only a medium to fulfill their financial obligations.
Hence, if the financial obligation is taken care of, then the man feels free to chase his desire, his passion. So we decided to make ‘Retirement’ relevant by tapping into this life insight.
We turned the ‘taboo’ into an ‘experiential desirable future’ that would make a man want to invest in his retirement at an early age. And thus redefined ‘retirement’ as the most ‘desirable future’ early on. We not only made him look at retirement from a positive point of view but also made him experience his desired future. Made him actually live his passion.