Google Jersey

Google has been relentlessly working towards enhancing people’s online experience. Through their product innovation and new features, they have managed to achieve new levels of consumer satisfaction every time. Google has recently introduced cricket score update and e-commerce features in their G App. These features will ensure that the cricket lovers stay on top of their game. Earlier, people had to go through an additional app to update themselves on cricket score, but now with this new added feature people won’t have to go that extra mile.

To generate awareness around these features, Google India unveiled a new campaign that communicates the many advantages of Google App.

In one film titled Cricket Jersey, it is not just the live score but how users can get all the answers around cricket with Google App. The film shows a son’s effort being ruined when the hand-painted jersey gets washed out due to rain. This is when Google comes in to the father’s rescue and gives him multiple options to get a jersey for his son for the upcoming match. So be it a favorite jersey to cheer team India or anything else related to cricket, all the answers can be found on the Google App.