Freecharge Kiya Matlab Cash Diya

In a world with myriad payment solutions, including plastic money and internet banking, even the most savvy Indian consumers cannot escape using cash for some routine expenses. While cash is a habit we are used to, after the demonetization was announced in November 2016, Indians have  no choice but to be prepared for at least a ‘less-cash’ world if not a cashless world.

In a less-cash world you might be forced to choose between petty, frustrating alternatives such as ‘Should I eat one dish or two? Because that might decide whether I take an auto or a taxi home.’ This is where digital wallet app FreeCharge comes in. In its latest campaign by Lowe Lintas Mumbai, FreeCharge encourages viewers to eliminate the cash-related dilemmas by downloading and using FreeCharge to make payments that currently require cash. Large or small. Routine or Impulsive. Basics or Indulgences – whatever it is that you pay for with cash – you can now pay using FreeCharge. Thus, ‘FreeCharge Kiya Matlab Cash Diya’ (“If you use FreeCharge, it means you have paid cash”)