Drinks and Memories

Paper Boat has launched its first multimedia campaign that relives fond memories of one’s childhood. In sync with its brand philosophy of ‘Drinks and Memories’, each TVC has a distinct narrative. Literary legend Gulzar has penned the lyrics that is an adaptation of the popular Malgudi days jingle. The campaign has been created by Karishma Lintas.
The film campaign has been visualized in two legs: a theme film for the internet (3 minutes and 35 seconds long), and four short, product-specific films, much like TV commercials that are 30 seconds each in duration. The objective is to communicate Paper Boat’s core brand promise: that of Drinks and Memories.
The theme film is an ode to Memories, harking back to an age of timelessness – that of our collective childhoods. In an age of increasing cynicism and mounting urban angst, this short film documents the tiny sagas of growing up, and aims to remind everyone of childlike joy, magic and wonder.