Lowe Lintas releases new campaign to improve medicine delivery at your doorstep

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Bangalore, 18th July 2023: Lowe Lintas Bangalore, the creative agency of MullenLowe Lintas Group, has recently rolled out its latest campaign for Flipkart Health+. To initiate the brand’s latest offering of ‘Super-fast’ delivery, the new campaign by the agency implores users to try out the feature to order their medicines, which assures delivery at the promised time, with a cash-back guarantee, a first in the ePharma space.

At present, India has about 50+ start-ups in the E-pharmacy space providing quality and affordable medicines to about 5,000,000 patients per month across the country 1. With the internet penetration in urban and rural India expected to rise further, along with availability of internet-enabled smartphones and high-speed broadband connectivity, the number of ePharma users is expected to grow significantly.

Sharing her thoughts on the idea behind the new campaign, Sonali Khanna, President & Branch Head, Lowe Lintas Bangalore said, Since its inception, Flipkart Health+ has consistently prioritized the needs of its customers, placing consumer challenges at the forefront of its approach. Their trailblazing “super-fast delivery” feature is one such example of their commitment to customers.

While medicines are a serious business, we felt that highlighting critical health scenarios would only create further anxiety. Instead, we decided to convey our message with a lighter touch in order to break clutter; by humorously demonstrating that while somethings in life can take time, delivery of medicines should not.

With this new campaign, Lowe Lintas Bangalore cheekily communicates the brand’s new feature of ‘Super-fast delivery’. The campaign consists of two films with the overarching message of ‘Somethings take time, but deliveries, no chance!’ showcasing two humorous situations where an impossible deadline was given for delivery, one with a couple being asked for a baby by relatives on their wedding day and another with an architect being given a day’s time for construction. The feature has been launched in Bangalore and Lucknow – in Bangalore, the delivery will happen the same day of placing the order and in Lucknow, the delivery will happen the next day after placing the order.

The campaign is now live on all online platforms.