Fastrack ‘moves’ hearts with an initiative conceived by Lowe Lintas

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Fastrack Valentines Day

One of the most youthful brands in India, Fastrack, has come up with a moving initiative celebrating Valentine’s Day. Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, it addresses the conservative section of the society who have held back the LGBTQ+ community in India from enjoying the liberty to love.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in India have always been represented by young, heterosexual couples and big red hearts. This initiative aims to make this day about not just expressing heterosexual love, but love of all forms, embracing all colours of the rainbow. Therefore, Photography – as a tool for self-expression – seemed like the perfect way to portray the newly legitimized love.

Seven photographers, who were handpicked for their diverse styles, were invited to photograph genuine intimacy between real couples from the LGBTQ+ community across the country. Their photographs have been artistically displayed in public places of crowded metros for all to see. The message of each photograph of every couple is simply to ‘move on’.

Commenting on the agency’s approach, Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said “As a brand Fastrack has always defined its own ‘cool’. This idea is one such expression. Expression of another kind of love. Also in execution, we wanted it to have an unbiased lens. We literally got 7 photographers on board to capture this love through their lenses. The captures are hence their interpretation and not just an execution of a creative brief.”

This is the first Valentine’s Day after the repeal of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code. While the honourable Supreme Court has decriminalized homosexuality, the battle for their social legitimacy is far from over.

Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack, Titan Company Limited, added further, “Supreme Court’s verdict on Sec 377 was a step in shaping a progressive generation to come, that, however, has not yet helped change the society’s mindset. While there is a lot being spoken, we saw this day as the perfect start to do something to normalize ‘love’ no matter who expresses it.

The photo exhibition is an attempt at showcasing ‘love’ among some of the most conventionally unconventional couples, free of judgement from society and naysayers. As the brand that has always voiced the youth’s opinion, Fastrack has never shied away from taking a stance this is our way of triggering a discussion the multitudes are shying away from. There’s more to be done by Fastrack to celebrate the different individualities. It’s only the first step from Fastrack to contribute to the efforts of finding acceptance for ‘true love’.”

The Fastrack initiative will prove to be a one-off, unconventional medium promoting equality, fair treatment and social acceptance of the marginalized LGBTQ+ community, and their right to live and love.

Hari Krishnan, President, Lowe Lintas, said “There are no barriers or divides bigger than the ones created by society. Youth are not bound by these real or imaginary barriers. Fastrack decided to truly celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, by reminding everyone that love is an emotion, equal for all.”

The initiative is live and aims to build greater awareness amongst people. To this end, the photographs have been displayed at prominent places in Bangalore, Kolkata and Noida.