Kedar Teny

Chief Executive Officer

Kedar Teny

Kedar is an accomplished advertising and marketing professional with over two decades of experience. He has led and built iconic brands, and run successful P&Ls across blue-chip organisations such as Lowe Lintas, Airtel, Unilever, McDonald’s and Sony Entertainment.

Kedar’s career is a story of 2 halves. The first formative decade was spent in Lowe Lintas across their Mumbai, Bangalore and Bangkok offices, predominantly on Unilever brands such as Kissan, Fair & Lovely, Axe and Family Health Shampoo platform in the South-East Asia region.

In the second half, he crossed over to the marketing side where he led and shaped Airtel’s mobility brand during the high growth and the consolidation phase of the telecom industry. His subsequent Business Leadership and a couple of CMO roles in blue-chip organisations such as Unilever, McDonald’s and Sony Sports saw him deliver both brand and business success across a variety of sectors.

Kedar is a firm believer that purpose and profit are two sides of the same coin and creativity that does not build market share is just art and not commercial art. His belief and commitment have richly been rewarded with Effie metals both as an advertising professional and as an advertiser.

Being Dad to ten-year-old twins, a closet musician, a playlist curator, lockdown chef and a plane spotter is what floats his boat outside of solving consumer and business problems.

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